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Adhesive Labels

We manufacture label blanks with adhesive backing for both food and industrial products. These label blanks are used for various packaging purposes such as barcoding, product descriptions, and labels for scales. We utilize a range of materials including paper sticker, PE sticker, BOPP sticker, PET sticker, thermo eco, thermo top, vellum, and coat.

Special offset paper suitable for inkjet, flexographic, digital, offset printing.

Coated paper glossy or semi-glossy. Suitable for inkjet, flexographic, digital, offset printing.


Thermal Eco

Paper suitable for direct thermal transfer printers or scales with integrated printers.

The printing on them is done by means of thermal transfer, direct thermal effect.

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Printed Labels

Our state-of-the-art flexographic-offset printing line enables us to deliver the highest quality self-adhesive labels. We offer a wide range of customization options to enhance your product or packaging. Our labels are durable, visually appealing, and crafted with premium materials. We work closely with you to ensure your specific requirements are met. Partner with us for standout packaging and superior self-adhesive labels.

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Linerless Labels

Linerless labels are self-adhesive labels without a backing, eliminating the need for a protective layer to prevent sticking. They are produced using a special material applied to the printable surface, preventing the adhesive layer from sticking. These labels can be of unlimited length, with different lengths produced using the same roll width, depending on the printed information.

  • Label size versatility: One label width can accommodate various lengths, reducing the need for multiple label types.

  • Reduced machine changes: Less frequent need to change label rolls.

  • Increased printable area: Linerless labels can roll up to twice the printable area.

  • Minimal waste: No leftover waste after label usage.

  • Reduced storage costs: Eliminates the need for a warehouse stocked with labels of different sizes, optimizing label space.

  • Improved occupational safety: Decreased risk of operator injury, avoiding slippage and cuts from siliconized paper.

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